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We are manufacturers of custom engineered Burners, Combustion Systems and Gas Flaring Systems. The systems / equipment are designed to meet the customers’ product quality, environmental norms and energy use objectives. 

Our Scope covers from conceptualizing to design, manufacturing on to erection and 

commissioning for various industry verticals. 

Steel Industry: 

Blast Furnace Gas Flares, Coke Oven Gas Flares, Ladle, Tundish and Torpedo Heating Stations. Burners for Pellet Plants, Sinter Plants, Stove Pilot Burners.

Spares and Refurbishing of Heating Systems, Refractory Dry outs and Curing.  

Chemical & Petrochemical Industries: Gas Flares for Chemical Plants, Carbon Black Industry, Steam & Air assisted Flares, Elevated HP & LP Flares.

Molecular Seals, Knockout Drums and Pilot Burners with Traditional Flame Front or High Energy Ignitors.  

 Biogas Plants: 

Biogas Open Flares, Enclosed Flares, Biogas Burners & Skids 

for existing Boilers. 

Biogas Blowers & Boosters

Flame Arresters & Breather Valves

  • Elevated Flares
  • Warm up Burners & Control Valve Rack
  • Pelletizing Furnace Combustion System
  • Low Calorific Value Fuel Gas Burners
  • Bio Gas Open Flares
  • Bio Gas Enclosed Flares
  • Ladle Pre-heater
  • Tundish Pre-heaters / Dryers
  • Torpedo Pre- heater
  • Heat Treatment Equipment
Elevated Flares

Elevated Flares

Alliance Thermal Elevated Flares

Flare systems can be classified according to:

Structural Support:

  • Self Supporting
  • Guy Wired
  • Derrick Guy Wired
  • Derrick 

Basis for design of flare:

  • Specifications Analysis
  • Gas Analysis
  • Hydraulic & Noise Analysis
  • Radiation & Flame Analysis
  • Pressure Drop
  • Exit Velocity
  • Structural Stability. 

Flare Tips

Flare tips are available in various solutions, both in smokeless and non-smokeless operations. Flare gas must always have a minimum heat content in btu / scf:

  • Steam-assisted – 300 btu/scf
  • Air-assisted – 300 btu/scf
  • Non-assisted – 200 btu/scf

Steam-assisted and non-assisted flares:

  • 300 Btu/scf = 60 fps maximum
  • Greater than 1,000 btu/scf = 400 fps maximum 

Dispersion and toxic analysis:

Dispersion is performed on vent gases or flare gas in the event of loosing the flame on the top of the flare system. Under this scenario, the analysis will exhibit the vent plume coordinates and concentrations of hydrocarbon components in the plume.

Flare Design Standards and Guidelines :

  • API 521
  • API 537
Warm up Burners & Control Valve Rack

 Warm up Burners & Control Valve Rack

Warm up Burners & Control Valve Rack

Warm up burners & control valve rack for vertical shaft lime klins. 

Valve skid for operation & control of warm-up burner for vertical shaft kiln burner. This typically comprises of pressure regulating valve, solenoid valves, flow meter etc. Burner firing sequence controller with annunciation.

Custom built burners for warm up of vertical shaft lime kilns. Typically, these are custom designed, to meet the process and space requirements. MOC of the main lance and the pilot burner is Inco alloy 600, to withstand high temperatures. 


Fuel: Natural gas/ LPG/ Propane.

Capacity: 6 Mbtu/hr. 

Pelletizing Furnace Combustion System

Pelletizing Furnace Combustion System

Pelletizing Furnace Combustion System

The process of pelletizing combines mixing of the raw material, 

forming the pellet and a thermal treatment baking the soft raw pellet to hard spheres. The raw material is rolled into a ball, then fired in furnace 

to sinter the particles into a hard sphere. 

ATE designed Burners, special shape burner blocks and commissioned complete combustion system. 

The Scope covers supply of burners, control valve racks, instrumentation, automation and hook-up with client’s DCS.


Pelletizing Furnace Burners Specifications: 

  • Duel fuel type: Natural Gas and Mixed Gas (BF+Coke Oven Gas)
  • Calorific value: 1800 Kcal / Nm3.
  • Burner Block: Refractory High Al2O3.
  • Burner Rating : 1Mbtu / hr. to 12 Mbtu / hr. 
Low Calorific Value Fuel Gas Burners

Low Calorific Value Fuel Gas Burners

Low Calorific Value Fuel Gas Burners

Custom engineered burners and control system with valve skids designed to meet the customers’ requirements.

The main Objective is: 

  • To improve ultimate product quality at client’s end.
  • To meet environmental norms.
  • To provide energy efficient solutions, by designing burners to operate on the process gas available with client.
  • Use of diverse fuels, like Mixed gas, corexgas, BF gas, coke oven gas etc, to attain energy use objectives.
  • Low NOx conventional burners for diverse fuels and furnace applications. 

Alliance Thermal Engineers has designed and manufactured following: 

  • Last furnace gas fired burners for iron ore rotary dryer. Capacity: 20000 Nm3 / hr.BF gas pressure: 800mm WC.
  • Blast furnace gas fired burners for sintering furnace. Capacity: 7000 Nm3 / hr. BF gas. Pr. 700-800 mm WC. Suitable for Preheated combustion air @ 350 Deg. C 
Bio Gas Open Flares

Bio Gas Open Flares

Bio Gas Open Flares

We design and manufacture biogas flaring system, required for ETP, POME treatment plants in palm oil mills & other plants which generate biogas.

The system is tailored to suit customer requirements and site conditions and includes all the required components and accessories like flare burner with pilot burner, wind deflectors, flame arrestors, moisture separator with auto drain facility, derrick structure, knock out drum, water seal , flame front generator panel for remote pilot ignition, thermocouple for flame sensing etc.

The flare tip keeps an optimum burn and control over all flow rates, which results in cleaner combustion. 

Bio Gas Enclosed Flares

Bio Gas Enclosed Flares

Bio Gas Enclosed Flares

Enclosed type bio gas flare system design features:

  • Smokeless Capacity: 100%
  • Destruction efficiency: 99 %
  • Operating temperature: 800 – 1000 Deg C the process parameters shall be set at this temperature for PLC operation
  • Retention time: > 0.30 seconds (minimum) at 800 – 1000 Deg C
  • Gas pressure at flare inlet: 150mm WC
  • Methane content: 30 to 60 %



PLC based control and operation, operation hook up with gas holder level transmitter or process input from client. With data logging and data transmission features.

Ladle Pre-heater

Ladle Pre-heater

Ladle Pre-heater
Ladle Pre-heater
Ladle Pre-heater

Ladle Pre-heater system design features:

  • Low NOx burner: the high speed and the special shape of the flame guarantee to reach a high temperature in the ladle bottom with a very high uniformity.
  • Temperature control completely automatic using a dedicated PLC.
  • Constant and stable air-gas mixture and continuous control of burner’s power.
  • Very high excess air flame to achieve drying pattern which requires very slow heating rates and very slow starting temperature. (Mainly convection heat transfer)
  • Safety devices (tightness control of gas valves, flame monitoring, etc.) to comply with the latest safety norms.
  • Burner designed to suit available fuel i.e. natural gas, light or heavy oil, coke oven gas, mixed gas etc. as per customer request.
  • Each machine is completely assembled and tested in our special test area before shipment saving time on site for erection and commissioning.
  • Low maintenance and high reliability (our equipment are working for more than 20 years)
Horizontal Ladle Pre-heater:
  • The horizontal heating position of ladle is mainly used for preheating and keeping the ladle warm, after or before changing and cleaning of the slide gate. Especially here the proper sealing of the ladle mouth is done by means of the specially designed trolley mounted vertical lid. In, horizontal preheaters the lid sizes and shape shall change as per the ladle opening.
  • Heating stations are designed for single or various heating positions (e.g. The preheater is trolley mounted type)On request the preheater can be equipped with an additional door in the ladle cover for an oxygen purging lance.
  • Depending on the conditions on site, the unit can be designed for travelling on rails.
  • The movement can be effected pneumatically or electro-mechanical.
Vertical Ladle Pre-heater 

Vertical ladle heaters are used for preheating or drying all kinds of ladles. For maximum energy savings, specially designed suspended heat shieldguarantees a proper sealing of the ladle. The shields are available for various tasks and in different shapes and sizes to suit ladles. For preheating tasks (fast Heating), preheaters are equipped with a special designed burner with specific flame shape, that allows a high heat transfer from the flame to the lining.

  • For Ladle dryers where , very slow heating is required, (Soft heating), burners are designed mainly to work on excess air, they attain very slow heating rates (<10°C / h) – ideal for monolithic linings.
  • ATE heaters with an additional oxygen system achieve complete combustion with lowest emissions (this is especially used with dolomite bricks and pitch bonded linings).
  • Vertical heaters can be designed for single or various heating positions.
  • Depending on the available space on floor, multiple moving variants are designed. 
Tundish Pre-heaters / Dryers

Tundish Pre-heaters / Dryers

Tundish Pre-heaters and Dryers

Tundish heaters from Alliance Thermal Engineers are available for different purposes:

  • A tundish pre-heater is used for quick heating up of tundish refractory. Several small heat shields with ceramic fibre insulation shall be provided for each burner to seal the gaps around the opening provided for burner firing.
  • Tundish heaters can be designed for a single or various heating positions.
  • Depending on the space available on casting floor, tundish heaters can be designed to heat from longitudinal or from transversal side.
  • The ATE tundish drier is mostly designed with the soft heating system. Very low heating rates (<10°C/h) can be attained by using excess air burners. Especially for monolithic linings the achieved temperature homogeneity is an important advantage.

Movements possible:

  • 90° swivel movement.
  • Vertical lifting movement.
  • Combined lifting and swivel movement
  • Combined lifting and travelling movement (Trolley mounted unit) etc.
Torpedo Pre- heater

Torpedo Pre-heater

Torpedo Pre-heater

Alliance Thermal Engineers manufactures and designs Torpado Pre- heaters:

Efficient and uniform heating are the advantages of ATE Torpedo Pre-heaters. Controlled temperature during heating and drying, are the essential characteristics of the Torpedo Pre-heater. Two angled, offset, high-velocity burner heads direct flames and hot gases to the extreme ends of the torpedo car. 


A Torpedo pre-heater is used for heating up of Torpedo refractory. 

  • Motorized lid trolley has forward and reverse movement.
  •  Maximum Temperature 1200 Drg C.
  • High temperature refractory insulation shall be provided for burner firing.
  • Torpedo pre-heaters can be designed for a single or multiple heating cycles.
  • ATE Torpedo Pre-heater is mostly designed with very low heating rates (<10°C/h).
  • PLC controlled operation of lid, burner, blower.

Guarantee of uniform heating. 

Movements possible:

  • Combined lifting and travelling movement (trolley mounted unit) etc. 
Heat Treatment Equipment

Heat Treatment Equipment

Alliance Thermal Engineers designs & manufactures Electrical Heat Treatment Equipment of various ranges for Preheating & Post Weld Heat Treatment applications of various welded fabrications/ pipe joints etc.

The equipment basically works on the principle of Electrical Resistance Heating method & is very much superior to the conventional wire & bead method, which is now becoming obsolete. Low Voltage of 60V / 80V is utilized for the heating elements. Low voltage system has many advantages over other heating system working on mains supply of 230V.

Various Advantages are:

  • It gives more flexibility in operation.
  • Avoiding higher voltages on the job, giving total safety to the operator.
  • Uniform temperature distribution.
  • Optimum heat penetration etc.

Thus, a full Heat Treatment Equipment Set shall comprise of: 

  • All spares & accessories for the above.Different models are available based on client’s specific requirements, with Manual or Auto mode of operation.For bigger heat treatment requirements, Mains operated 230V heating elements like Flexible pads or 4 Bank Channel Elements, Finger Elements are also available.These equipment are used in all industrial sectors like thermal/hydel Power plants, fertilizer / chemical / refineries / steel & general engineering plants.
A Full Heat Treatment Equipment Set shall comprise of:
  • Power Source – 40 / 50 / 70 / 96 kVA with 3 way, 6 way or 12 way control. These are available in Trolley Type Mobile Unit, ideally suited for construction / erection sites, workshops, power plants etc.
  • Low voltage heating elements – 60 / 80V – Flexible Ceramic Pad Type, available in various sizes They provide heat, through conduction heat transfer for preheat / PWHT of welded joints. The heat conductivity is excellent & electrical strength is high at elevated temperatures. The heating elements can be simply wrapped around the pipes or jobs and secured in position with strips. For pipe joints of different dia. / thk., you can use combination of different sizes of elements of same rating. The element tails are connected to the power source by suitably rated cabling system.
  • Cabling system – Feed, return, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way splitter cables between Power & the heating elements.
  • Temperature measurement & Recording system:

Temperature Recorder – This is portable unit for recording preheat and post heat temperatures up to 1200 Deg. C.

Thermocouple wire – is used to measure temperature and monitor the control aids. Thermocouple wire is of nickel chrome / nickel alumel or K-Type, twin 21 / 22 SWG wire asbestos covered and normally supplied in 100 m roll.

Thermocouple Attachment Unit – is used to attach a thermocouple to the weldmet. 

Fully Automatic Multi Channel Programmers – to program the preheating & PWHT cycle, Compensating cables are used to connect each thermocouple to the respective channel of the temperature recorder.

All spares & accessories for Heat Treatment Equipment Set:
  • Different models are available based on client’s specific requirements, with Manual or Auto mode of operation.
  • For bigger heat treatment requirements, Mains operated 230V heating elements like Flexible Pads or 4 Bank Channel Elements, Finger Elements are also available.
  • These equipment are used in all industrial sectors like thermal/hydel power plants, fertilizer / chemical / refineries / steel & general engineering plants. 
  • P04 – Thermocouple Attachment Unit.
Alliance Thermal P04 Thermocouple Attachment Unit
  • FCP – Low Voltage Flexible Ceramic Heating Elements.
  • FCP03 – Typical Application of Low Voltage FCP’s for Preheating/PWHT of Pipe Weld Joints. 
  • 6 Channel Stress Relieving Programmer
  • FIP – Flexible Insulated PreHeaters for Preheating Applications.
  • Power Source – 60 kVA Power Source, 6 Way.
Alliance Power Source – 60 kVA Power Source, 6 Way.
  • Twin Heat Modules – 03 nos. to be connected with Low Voltage Flexible Heating Elements
Twin Heat Modules


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